Corporate Governance

The Board of Directors

The Board is committed to maintaining strong corporate governance policies and practices. The Board has set forth policies and procedures as well as a framework for establishing the highest level of business integrity and accountability.


The Board of Directors is elected annually by shareholders. The Board is currently comprised of fifteen directors, seven of whom are considered independent, or are not officers or employees of the Company.


There are five standing committees, all of which are completely independent. The committees are as follows: the Audit Committee, Nominating Committee, Corporate Governance Committee, Ethics and Conflicts Committee, and the Compensation Committee.




Ulysses Bridgeman

Chairman of the Board



Judith McKenna

Independent Director

President, Walmart International, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.



Raymond Summerson


Fidelity Mutual Financial



Dr. David Richardson, JD, MBA

Director/ Secretary of the Board

Fidelity Mutual Financial




Edith W. Cooper

Independent Director

S.V.P., Goldman Sachs



Stephen P. Joyce

Independent Director

Chief Executive Officer, Choice International Hotels, Inc.



A. George Battle

Lead Independent Director

IAC Search & Media, Inc.



Jeffrey T. Moore

Director/Treasurer of the Board

Fidelity Mutual Financial



Erin Sharp

Independent Director

S.V.P., The Kroger Company



Robert Berger, Esq.


Fidelity Mutual Financial




Michael Thompson

Independent Director

Principal, Roark Capital Group, Inc.



Michael Hyter

Independent Director

C.E.O., Global Innovations Group, Inc.



Troy Ellis

Independent Director

E.V.P., Dominos Pizza,Inc.



Sona Chawla

Independent Director

Chief Operating Officer, Kohls Inc.



Harold Ceron

Independent Director

S.V.P., Sonic Drive-In Restaurants



Danny Rivera

Independent Director

E.V.P., Driven Brands, Inc.

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